• Is my script safe?
Absolutely. By submitting your script to Film Script Reader, you are confirming that the content is entirely your own work, free from any breach of copyright or publishing law. In turn, by accepting the script, I guarantee that any conference regarding the submitted script will only take place between the writer(s) and myself.

The script will not be viewed by anyone else, with the exception of those who express a serious interest in developing the material. In this instance, the writer(s) will be notified first and will always have the final say.

  • Can you guarantee the sale of my script?
No, but nobody can really guarantee this. Film Script Reader offers services to make sure that your script is in top condition before tackling the competitive market.

  • Why are the prices so low?
The goal is to help writers, not run a business. Feedback prices and competition entry fees are constantly rising, and so my rates remain low in an attempt to combat this.
I am also aware of the various forms in which scripts are created, and I like to accommodate this. My rates will always reflect the time needed to analyse the script, so feel free to contact me for a more accurate quote.
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  • You're called Film Script Reader. Can you help with television scripts?
Yes, although I do not consider myself an expert in this field. I receive a lot of scripts for television programmes and like to help in any way I can, and so I would only recommend this service for beginners who need help with the basics of professional screenwriting.
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  • How quick is your turnaround time?
Depending on the request, I can quote a turnaround time before starting any work. Always email me at filmscriptreader@gmail.com before submitting a script. However, I do strive to return script reports as soon as possible.

  • What is your policy on submitting rewrites?
The layout of my feedback reports prioritises the necessary areas for development. It is in the best interests of both parties for the writer(s) to have made significant changes to the script before submitting another draft.

  • What makes you so special?
There are plenty of good quality script readers around, and if you are not happy with the feedback you receive, then I will gladly refund the service fee.
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  • I'm ready to submit my script. What now?
Email me at filmscriptreader@gmail.com for a quote. When you are happy, submit the script to the same address in any generic format.